PM blasts those who damaged Ashrayan houses built for poor

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who on Thursday harshly criticised the people who had destroyed the Ashrayan Project-2 houses for landless persons, said she had the complete enquiry report on the wrongdoing committed in an attempt to undermine the government.

She said that nearly 300 houses were damaged by people using shovels and hammers in different locations. The pictures were then captured by the media.

This was said by the PM while speaking at a meeting held at Ganobhaban's Awami League Central Work Committee.

After an investigation, Hasina claimed she obtained all details about the suspects, including their names.

"The houses were built for the poor. Some people are so cruel that they have damaged the houses. It's impossible. She asked, "Can the houses that were built for the poor be demolished?"

However, the Prime Minister stated that there were corruption allegations at nine locations of the Ashrayan Project-2.

"Everyone worked sincere. Some people had naughty minds. This was the most difficult matter! She asked, "How could they get houses for the poor?"

Hasina stated that 150,000 homes have been built by the government and those were distributed to the poor as part of Mujib Barsha.

"A vested group intentionally spread corruption lies in the building of houses. Heavy rains have caused some houses to be destroyed by landslides.

She stated that the government was moving forward despite all the obstacles and odds, and she urged AL leaders and workers be more vigilant.

Hasina, who is also the chief of the ruling Awami Liga, thanked everyone, including the masses, for their determination to make the project a success.

As the next general election approaches, she asked Awami League leaders to strengthen the organization. "The leaders and workers must focus on the organisation, keeping in mind the fact that the election is getting closer.

Hasina spoke out about Covid-19 and said that the Awami League government had successfully fought the pandemic because its organisational strength extended to the grassroots.

She said that workers, party leaders, and associate bodies stood by people from the beginning of the corona epidemic. They were willing to risk their lives for the sake of others.

The Prime Minister stated that no other party member was seen beside the Covid-19-affected people.

She praised all those involved in the Covid-19 crisis and said that doctors, nurses, public representatives, police officers, and military personnel worked hard to combat the pandemic.


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